Wilson’s Precision Detailing is passionate about each vehicle we service.  We specialize in both automotive and marine detailing that beautifies and protects all exterior and interior surfaces in addition to enhancing the value of your investment.

What began as a weekend project, grew into a passion to preserve and protect the value of my own vehicles.  We are a “drive ‘em ‘til the wheels fall off” sort of family and maintaining our vehicles is important to the enjoyment and longevity of that investment.  It is that passion that drove me beyond the “over the counter” products to seek out quality products that represented years of success in national and international markets.  After exhaustive hours of researching automotive finishes and products that both enhance and beautify, I discovered a group of professional detailers that became mentors for me. 

In the time that I have been in business, I have learned that detailing is rarely a “one size fits all” business.  When evaluating a car or boat, I assess the desires/goals of the customer, the current condition of the vehicle, how the vehicle is used and what special needs are represented with that vehicle.  Based on this assessment, I consult with the customer as to how best to protect, beautify and maintain the value of  their vehicle.  For some, its an annual event, for others a one time event, for still others it involves a schedule of routine detailing that maintains the highest level of pristine appearance.  For every customer, this process makes each one a Precision Detail.

As knowledgeable professionals, we will exceed the expectations of our customers and be the automotive and marine detailer providing personalized service so that you can “Leave your car with someone you trust.”

Todd Wilson, owner, is a minister/musician by trade but maintains a regular weekly detailing schedule on days off, at special times of  “working vacations” and during holidays.

We offer the following services:


  • Exterior Washing by hand
  • Tire cleaning/dressing
  • Wheel cleaning/polishing/waxing (including chrome, alloys, coated aluminum, etc.)
  • Claying to remove surface contaminates not removed b washing
  • Scratch removal
  • Removal of surface etching left by bird droppings/water spots/acid rain, etc.
  • Surface polish/glaze
  • Wax/seal exterior
  • Polish chrome accents, tailpipe tips
  • Renew faded vinyl/plastic accents
  • Restore/polish/protect headlight/taillight lenses to factory clarity

  • Clean/seal/protect (UV) interior vinyl
  • Clean/condition/moisturize/protect (UV) interior leather
  • Vacuum interior carpet/upholstery
  • Hot water extraction of interior carpet, mats, fabric upholstery
  • Odor elimination
  • Clean glass surfaces treat with Rain-X water repellent



  • Free home/business pickup and delivery
  • Scheduling/consultation of detailing needs/results as directed by the customer
  • Gas fill-up (if requested and billed at cost)